Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Work Says it All...

This was the final piece of the two part gift set to my girlfriend. As you can see, it expresses my feelings in a more explicit way than the other one did, as was my intention.

It is entitled "Parchment Truth", and is the first text based LP (Large Piece) that I have ever done. I got the idea when I was looking through a list of the top posters of 2009. Someone had a piece with a similar composition so credit goes to him or her, whoever you may be, thank you for inspiring me.

As for comfort zone level, I didn't stray too far from normalcy since this was somewhat of a recreation, and not my own idea.

The best advice I could possibly give for someone who wanted to try their hand at a "poster" type based LP, it would be that you need more inspiration for something like this than for anything else. The text needs to pertain directly to what you're being inspired to, and your focal needs to somewhow tie the text to the theme while maintaining flow (and depth if necessary).


If you desire anything I used please message me with your e-mail and you'll have it shortly.

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