Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are You DAFT Man?

I started trying to brush up on one of my old styles, just to see how well I could produce something of significant substance to my taste. This was my first outcome. The goal of this style is to effectively place a render into a stock and blend it in to make it look like its supposed to belong there. This is a form of photomanipulation but with a signature. LP's are easy enough to do with this style, but difficulty skyrockets when the canvas is 1/4 it's original size. Details become so important you'd wish you had OCD.

The main goal of such a photomanipulation is to make the piece look like a stock signature rather than one with a render. I think I conquered that with this piece quite nicely. It is very difficult to tell but I actually used a fairly mainstream Photoshop plugin known as Topaz. "Someone" erm... named "Google" gave me a link to thepiratebay.org and to a free set of plugins from TopazLabs™. It was only used to clean up the noise from the background stock but it helped tremendously. I highly recommend that plugin to anyone owning any image altering adobe product, just don't overdo the effects.


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