Friday, April 30, 2010

Dead Space

I made this for this weeks NSOTW (Newbie Signature of the Week) on Planetrenders which had "Horror" as it's theme. I was really struggling to find a subject and style to work with. I knew that Planetrenders had it's fair share of skilled artists, with talents ranging from photomanipulation to abstract work. I can only hope that the moderator in charge of the contest disqualifies the better work by deeming it "Un-horrifying". I am the mod for this weeks SOTW on Fallen Sword Forums since it's usual leader, DavidJames, is MIA at the moment. (Supposedly getting hitched, good luck to ya!). No offense or anything, but I hope he retires. His duties on FS are being shirked and the members need someone that is more active. But then again, the forum itself is somewhat of a joke to be honest. They're stuck in one place like a 1960's black and white town in the middle of modern america. I don't want to sound like a Hitler or anything, but they need to expand. If I was a permanent moderator I could bring them out of their stall, both in members for the game, and their inability to manage an effective game forum.

...Sorry about that rant, but they all make my OCD itch kick in.

Anyways, In the SOTW im moderating, we are also working with the Horror theme. And now I realize why I've only recieved one entry so far. No matter how easy this seems, this theme is ridiculously difficult! Now with my entry into PR's forums, I did a photomanipulation. I used a screenshot of the door with the light and such, but I added in the character and corrected the lighting before working on depth and the aesthetics of the piece. But honestly, you could probably tell that without my commentary, it's definitely not the best piece I've ever done. If you stumble across the contest, be sure to place a vote for yours truly ;)


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