Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This piece is entitled "Peace" for the sake of the feeling you get when you are completely isolated from a world of chaos and disorder. This was my second attempt at a photomanipulation and it was also my first LP. I'm assuming you noticed the strange text carving on the tree that says "Kayla + Nick" and if you didn't before, you just looked so now you know (YES, my name is Nick. Sorry to disappoint you but Fourbrezio is an alias). This was part one of a two part gift set for my girlfriend and first follower to this blog.

This being an LP, I definitely went out of my comfort zone to create it, since I'm usually working with forum signatures. But in a sense, that makes it even more valuable and meaningful.

If I could give any advice on making LP's, it would be that you need to plan out the composition of your piece. It's very difficult to accomplish visually appealing work with experimenting (although it is possible, just unlikely). When you get the inspiration for an LP, draw it out to the best of your ability, find the correct stocks or renders (Search tools are your friends), and piece everything together in something like a "rough draft".


If you desire anything I used please message me with your e-mail and you'll have it shortly.

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