Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Style Avatars

This post will be soley dedicated to showing off my new avatars. I learned this C4D exclusive style last night from a free tutorial on coloration and flow with abstract C4Ds. As with coloration, it teaches you how to pick colors from your render so you don't have to overload the layers with Gradient maps or photo filters. It uses minimal color alteration to preserve the original render's colors and crisp edges.

This was not made with a tutorial however. I tried to reenact the feeling of beingSam Fischer from Splinter Cell: Conviction. That he has to be absolutely stealth at all times. The render's expression was perfect for this piece. Someone named robotussin was holding a contest out of the graphics section in the FS Forum. He's from For Frack's Sake, but no one seems to mind him. His only stipulation for avatars was that he didn't want anime, which is what I specialize in. So I definetly stepped out of my comfort zone with this one.


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