Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dusknoir Sprite Signature

This was just one of a three-part project I was doing to earn a little bit of walkin around money. Sprite tags names are usually indicative of the focal or subject of the signature. In this case we used a Pokemon Platinum game sprite of the evolution of Dusklops, better known as Dusknoir. Obviously, this is a very action oriented sprite, as well as a powerful ghost type pokemon. In order to appeal to all players and devoted fans of the Pokemon franchise, I needed to make this "leap" off the canvas in a spooky or ghostly fashion. Not to brag, but I believe I captured this Pokemon as well as the idea in a harmonious piece.

The best advice anyone could give about sprite tags is that you need to experiment, then practice the experiment that gave you the best results over and over again until you define a style for yourself.

Personally, I found that I LOVE smudging. It creates depth, flow, and if practiced enough, can create very realistic lighting with the assistance of other brushes.


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