Monday, April 12, 2010

Avatars for FallenSword

This is just one of about ten 200x200 pixel avatars that I've done for the various players of the MMORPG called FallenSword. Due to most of my time on there being devoted to the forums and whatnot, I usually ignore the concept of the game even though I am contracted and paid in game currency. The forums there are actually where I got started about 3 years ago, and after an extended leave, I have returned to see what my instructors and senseis have all been up to. To be honest, art in general has been somewhat "sucked dry" from that corner of the net, although a few special artists contradict that statement. But, in order to maintain order, all "avatar shops" as they are frequently called, follow a set amount of rules that must be adhered to... As well as an outline for the orders people place:
  1. "Give me a render/Stock/Theme:"
  2. "What text do you want?:"
  3. "Anything Else?:"

As you can probably imagine, this could get rather monotonous and quickly desensitize you to the thrill of graphic design, as it did for me some time ago. But now I'm back :D

With regards to the piece in this post, yes, the render was provided. You can find this one and tons like it at And as for self Comments and Criticism (CnC), I love the way it turned out... just not the circumstances in which it was created. End of Story.


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