Thursday, April 29, 2010


I found this while cleaning out my photobucket. I think it was my very first photomanipulation signature. Now that I think about it, I entered this in an amateur SOTW (Signature of the Week) that wasn't exactly amateur... all the artists produced works ten times better than this. Which really irritated me, I took the 2 hours to make this glorious Hitman tribute, and it was futile, I maybe got two votes out of the usual 40 that cast their ballots in this contest. I think the individual pieces of this tag were just meant to go together. I found a stock of an abandoned tunnel in Germany, and with my Hitman render already picked out I found a few C4Ds to help me compose my idea.

Perhaps while on my break I should follow my own advice and draw a few ideas for signatures since i usually throw mine together in experiments.


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