Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kingdom Hearts

So much for my hiatus... This is the piece I just did last night for Spiiderxse's contest on Fallen Sword. His theme selections ranged from Halo 3 to Kingdom Hearts so I chose the latter of the two, since almost every Halo render has been used 9,872,634,598,726,345 times.
I think I am finally starting to figure this style out, although I wouldn't recommend remving the Black and White gradient map, the colors are shit. Even though they can easily be redone, I would still think the gradient map looks better.
Well a friend of mine that sits next to me in my first period just saw this and wants something of his own, so expect another post tomorrow.
As for the dreaded comfort zone, I think anytime you use a style where you cannot do everything with your eyes shut, you're stepping away from it. But in this case, I took a giant leap off a 20-story building to escape my CZ. Well, stay tuned for tomorrow when I reveal Zach's new banner


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